Throughout the history of mankind, we as a world culture have made love out to be mysterious, complex, difficult, and indefinable. It’s the subject of endless poems and literary works. There is an enormous amount of material available out there about love, a lot of it contradictory. Many of us try saying what is love but as far as i know i see love has many dimensions to be considered. The definitions can differ from mankind to mankind. So, let me share what i feel it to be....
I even fear to say what it is. Maybe there’s a fear that if  i define it, it would somehow be less powerful...less impactful...less exhilarating. Maybe we like the mystery of it. But is it really that complicated? Perhaps the complications surrounding love come from all “stuff” we add on to this powerful emotion. Lets drop all the baggage surrounding relationships and define what it is we are experiencing in the moment of love.
Love can happen in all kinds of individuals, yet the modern world takes youngsters into consideration while it is being discussed. The love shown by youngsters are more or less fragile, impure, changeable , many more which i don't like to mention here. The feelings of youngsters change like the puff of smoke that follows the direction of the wind. But, some some suffer due to imbalance in the thinking power and due to the truth that lies that it is all creatures inability to think same. 
With this very aforestated reason some get an exhilarating pain where LOVE CAN BE DANGEROUS TOO... To further understand what i actually meant to say let me narrate a story of two lovers who faced the pain terribly. I feel sorry for both of them. The story is more or less depicted in the Thai Movie "4bia" which goes like this.
There lived a girl and a boy. The boy was a prince in that region. The boy loved that girl so much. The girl was handicapped due to unexpected and unfortunate taxi accident. The boy though loved that girl truly,he was unable to express his feelings to her. Later, because of some unfaithful and unavoidable circumstance the boy died. The real climax begins from here. The handicapped girl being so bored in her home alone, she just watches the beauty of the Bangkok town. The boy too has to spend almost 100 days in his coffin. Then the boy sends a message to that girl through mobile phone. The girl being so bored got extremely happy and the exchange of chats through mobile continues......"I am really bored being all alone in my room for many days" the girl wrote. The boy from his coffin replies " I don't get air, it is very dark here, now it is almost 100 days in this dark room.". The girl asks the boy to call her but he refuses each time she asked. She tried to call her, but the phone replied, "No number". 
Later a girl asks him to send a photo. The girl sends her photo to him but she  immediately gets her photo back from him. The boy stated "see carefully i am near you." She vividly could she him and got really frightened. She now remembers his message of having spent 100 days in dark room is matching with the news paper that states that the prince had died and it is now 100 days. 
The boy then plans to go to meet her. The girl got really frightened,,,,He continues up the steps to her fifth storey building. He continuously puts off the lights and finally reaches to the girl. He puts off the light there too....Really frightened of the ghost she jumped out of the window and died.  
So, what i concluded from this story was the boy never thought of killing the girl but due to his true and pure feelings came to meet her even from his coffin. So, we must not ignore when someone says "I Love you". But i must warn that one must study whether the word id true or not. If true think wisely before having to jump out of the window like a poor girl. Give attention to the one who loves you truly.
There are many ways in which we give our attention to another when i say give attention. We use our five senses. Our ears to listen. Being completely present with the one who is speaking. Our eyes, watching another, undivided attention. Tasting/smelling? Touching, giving a hug, holding a hand, a cares. But i must all depend on the type of relation you are with. 
Be careful too, it may also ruin your life.