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Sonam Rigsel Dorji
Hi Viewers!!! This is Sonam Rigsel Dorji who is striving towards the world of blogging. I think expression of ourselves is more than the need in our life. I truly believe in the right to expression and in this blog, the contents are all my feelings and not the philosophical truth.

I have graduated with Bachelors in Computer Applications from Royal Thimphu College, the first private college in the country. I was awarded as a Government Scholarship under ICUGS. My mission as a college student and moreover as a government scholarship student was to show the best example for others and to be the best and always strive for that only and I feel I ahve done my share there.

I completed my plus two in Gyelpozhing Higher Secondary School, Mongar in the academic session 2009. I was awarded as the hardworking and the sincere student while in the school. 

I studied my primary classes in my village school; Silambi community Primary School and Nagor Lower Secondary School under Mongar Dzongkhag. I excelled in every field while in the primary schools too. Though from a very remote village, I took an advantage of that and strived to gain all the life-related skills from the teachers and from laymen.

I always had a dream of doing something different, something magical and something memorable. My aim was in the field of engineering or in law or even in the artistic works. I was not selected for the ex-country scholarships. Though really upset and sentimental for not being selected for further studies, I got a chance in RTC. I took the chance of being in the college and have really learned there.

After having sat for Bhutan Civil Service Examination, I have been selected to pursue Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration in Royal Institute of Management.  I was greatly honored to be in the institute where I worked hard to gain as much knowledge and skills as possible.

After graduating form Royal Institute of Management, I am now placed in Centre of Bhutan Studies & GNH Research as an Assistant Research Officer. I feel my new post will liberate me to express my expressions in this world of blogging. Moreover, I have full dedication to work hard with utmost loyalty to serve my King, Country and People.


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