Life is not as easy as you expect it to be. It is absolutely paradoxical when i think of life yet as far as my experience could reach, it is never as easy as i expect it to be. It is more or less stereotypical in all human tendicies not to be happy with who you are, what you have, how you are, what you can do, more and more. 
We fail terribly to subdue our wants altough our needs may have already been met. 

I never blame to others as it is no dfferent in case of mine either. I expect all things to be well and good. But nothing goes as expected. In our Buddhist context it is explained that our destiny was long ago written by our own hands, but nevertheless i feel it is the individual who must strive for the best, work hard, think good, be good and work good to the beneficial of all sentient beings in this present life only. So, that the well being, happiness and goodness in others will make us fully satisfied and happy. 

So, as and when something doesn't go as what we expect, in my philosophical view it is better for all of us to think over: what made it to go wrong? what may make it right? what steps must be taken to make it right? where did the steps go wrong? So accordingly work it. If that is working no more, follow the other possibilities. Even if that is not working, never be sad. You have all what you actually must possess. 

So, be happy with who you are. GET SATISFIED WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. Your life will be as  easy  as you expect..........