My experiences in rural and urban areas are actually like the memorable flash back in me. Nevertheless am really fortunate enough to have all those experiences in my life. Actually the life styles in these two extremely different areas of the world are really contradictory to each other. Having spent almost one and half decades in the rural part of Bhutan, I understood maximum behaviors and problems faced by the poor people in the rural areas. 

I understand and all must actually understand what is the type of life that the people in the rural Bhutan experience. Yes, it is true that they enjoy the profound kind of neighbourhood, brotherhood relationship, moreover they share same kind of thoughts being in the same community. The respect they bestow upon their elders, youngers, government officials can be good enough to make the people in the town understand what actually the meaning of life and why it is required to respect others. The people make their life as simple as it can be so that their wants and greeds are geometrically reduced, which makes them happy maximum times of their lives. 

Still there are many things that are required to be taken into consideration. No electricity facilities, no road connections, no technological communication facilities, no good education and health facilties, no other life-related-must-required equipments for the people in rural areas. I appreciate that RGoB is striving to eliminate all sorts of problems in rural Bhutan, yet i must acknowledge all those people who enjoys the brighter part of the earth to think upon the people who could no longer see their ways in the darkness. There are still too much to be considered and done. All the individual notions of the people even staying  in the rural parts must be developed too to make the community developed. So, join hands to make Rural areas developed where BHUTAN too will be then.

But how about the people in urban areas. I am not too old that i have lived in urban areas yet i have few experiences while in the urban areas. People in town enjoy their lives to the fullest. The way they do, the way they think, the way they behave are extremely different from people in rural areas. They enjoy all modern facilities, yet i find some drawbacks in it too. People never know the sense of respect, neighbourhood, civic senses, all....When i say this, am sure that am not blaming or criticising the people in urban areas. Yes, it all must happen due to the modernization and globalization. Still, i fear the people in the same building will not be able to recognise the next door family. No matter what so ever, its all independent. Where as people in rural areas in addition of knowing all about these, they know where the individual person in their community lives and what do they do. 

So, I know the life styles in these two areas could no longer be same, it is vital for all of us to think upon others too. WE MUST THINK SAME AND WORK TOGETHER.....AND MAKE BHUTAN DEVELOP AS IT MUST BE...ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE AND ONE NATION ONE NOTION PLEASE.


Sherab Tenzin said... have brought yet another realistic post. As you said there is apparent difference between urban and rural areas in many aspects with respect to both people & environment. I have also felt this being in extreme outskirt of country for past 20 years and now in urban area. I think our government needs to emphasize on equitable socio-economic development supported by spatial planning... I guess
Anyway it is provocative and realistic post bro...