Democracy in Bhutan- Part II

Having written the post for the aforementioned title which was dedicated for DPT, here comes the next post which is dedicated for People's Democratic Party. The party is being led by its president Tshering Tobgay who was the first democratically elected Opposition Leader of Bhutan.

 After having secure two seats in the parliament of Bhutan in 2008 elections, PDP secured to be the opposition party in the country. The party's president Tshering Tobgay and its member Damcho Dorji worked tirelessly to find each and every mistake of the ruling government, DPT.

As I said earlier, I am not inclined to any political party and I write this not to support PDP but just to exercise the right and the freedom of expression of mine being bestowed upon every individual in the constitution of Bhutan.

PDP believes in "Power to the People" which is stated as "Wangtse Chirphel" in our Bhutanese terms. It can also be restated as  "empowering people for liberty, equality and prosperity by devolving power and authority from the center to the people". As said earlier in my Part-I, there is similar appreciations and criticisms for the opposition party since 2008 till 2013. Some say, two of them did whatever they could do for the benefit for the people of Bhutan. But others say and are worried that how they will do if given a chance as a ruling party. They say it may be easy to find mistakes in others but it may be difficult to deliver your pledges for the people by yourself.

So, lastly I would like to let my readers to have flash backs upon what PDP has done as an opposition party. If they had done satisfactorily and you believe that they would do better if given a chance to rule the government, Go for them. If not think wisely and vote.


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Hi bro; Thanks for your comments. And thanks for following my blog too. I write post related to election not because I am politically inclined but I wanna let some of my readers to know a little thing of what is happening in our country. And I too will follow your blog bro. Have a nice time....