All of us aspire to have good life and happiness. Nobody will hope to see themselves plunge in improperly structured society, which is full of chaos and misunderstandings. But what do we think of when we think of our own happiness?
              I am very sure that society rather gives us identity similar to that of ours. Perhaps, it will be like that. Identity of the society is an aggregate of all individual identities of the people. Obviously when people of different social backgrounds, identities, personal values and character are brought under same umbrella society normally gets fragmented.
              We cannot walk in same pace and pray for the sun to set quickly. Everyone in the community must have same purpose irrespective of whether rich or poor. Our institution is also a community and everyone out here is with common purpose to excel in academics. When having a common objective, why should we try to be different from others? I mean when we still hold our individual identities rather than common identity, there will arise imbalance in the personal happiness among people. Either someone will be too happy that they change unexpectedly beyond expected proportion or someone will be inferior as if he is placed in a big well.
                I did have such feelings during my initial college days. I neither have relatives nor acquaintances. I felt myself completely discarded. I even regretted having joined this college. My identity confront with common identity. I simply could not walk along the crowd. I even wondered whether anyone in the college felt my sigh of loneliness.  My sense of inferiority was so strong that my worth cannot be compared with rubbish. In such condition an hour seems a day and a day a month. My mind burnt with swirling eddies of countless unanswered questions.
               How long can I walk with same boots? My nose won’t be hard enough. I was completely wrong. I only discover later. Now I am indifference to everybody. Therefore, when we join new community, we should not be reserved type. Integration of personal values and identities with that of community brings happiness. When everybody is happy, the society will climb the ladder of prosperity.
               Happiness gained from sharing is worthier than happiness gained in cost of happiness of others. I think in community we become happy only in proportions to our sharing. Moreover, self-knowledge, conscious awareness, self-discipline, commitment to self-discipline, courage, and internal coaching of every individual are also the attributes that will influence the degree of prosperity in the community.
               I think the stringent of the rules and regulations also affect the community. If people oppose, then it will give birth to yet another bigger chaos and confusion. It will be much better if they are made after testing their applicability. Perhaps, they are boundary line of the society and are made for automatic regulation of the community. It is our responsibilities to walk within the orbit of these rules and regulations. When we have our rights on one hand, we should not forget our responsibilities on other hand.
               I think mindfulness is also very important to promote harmony in the community. When we are mindful we will never get into oblivion of absent-minded. Therefore, we will never disturb the mental stillness of others. We should be farsighted to sense the problems of our fellow beings in the community. We should be ready to tackle them. Only then they will gain as much as we gain.
                 I don’t mean to write such long essay. Actually my expressions and opinion extend as I have got them in stock. The essay on this topic can be written as long as we can. My essay cannot be in the perfect shape. All my views expressed in above lines cannot be a dogma. They will differ among every individual.


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