Bhutan is one of the Buddhist countries in the world. The Bhutanese have so much faith in Buddhist icons. In recent times, the use of Buddhist icons almost everywhere has become the topic of discussion. There are good and bad aspects in using Buddhist icons everywhere.
The use of Buddhist icons everywhere is the part of our culture. It is our culture and tradition to respect and have faith in Buddhist icons. All the real Buddhist followers pray and believe in Buddhist icons as the real Buddha or their real teacher who will help them to gain peace and attain nirvana. 
It signifies that the Bhutanese follows Buddhism. All people love Buddhist icons and they display where ever they stay as an artistic symbol. Maximum of people use the icons for decorations. It looks beautiful to have the icons loved by everyone to be pasted on their walls. Moreover icons being colorful looks really beautiful when decorated.
Icons available everywhere also replaces visits to sacred places. It implies to those who are busy with their works. It implies to those who are very far from the sacred places. It substitutes the sacred places. It also creates peace and non-violence in the minds of people and society. It reminds them when they are on the wrong track. For instance, it is really guilty to smoke cigarette or drink alcohol in bars in front of the Buddhist icons. It is believed that more sin will be accumulated for not respecting the Buddhist icons.            
However, there are some bad aspects in using or displaying Buddhist icons everywhere. The Buddhist icons may change its value if icons are displayed everywhere. Buddhist icons must be kept sacred to maintain its value. It must be kept in sacred places. The icons may be displayed for the people in holy days only. There will be more respect and faith if uses of icons everywhere are restricted.
People who are not real Buddhist or non-Buddhist do many non-buddhists behaviors. They drink alcohols, smoke cigarettes and many mischievous things in front of icons. So, it seems like Buddhist icons are just for decorations or for fun. It is really disrespectful to have Buddhist icons in front of non-Buddhist acts.
Finally, whatsoever be the good aspects of displaying Buddhist icons everywhere, it is in real danger to loose its value. It is of great importance for the Buddhist to have icons to be real Buddhist. Moreover if its value is being lost, there is no way of Buddhism to flourish. So, I strongly argue that Buddhist icons must be displayed only in sacred places not everywhere.