Extra Marital Life

Bhutan, the land of thunder dragon is being blessed by Guru Padma Sambhawa in 746 A.D and Zhabdrung Rinpoche in 17th century. Guru traveled to most parts of the country like Paro, Trongsa and Bumthang. He has spread Buddhism in these places. Later Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel came from Tibet and ruled Bhutan as the Spiritual Leader. He too has spread Buddhism in the country. They were then followed by so many great saints and masters who practiced and preached Buddhism in the country. The people in the country believed and had so much faith in Buddhism. They believe in Life after Death. So there were always the fears to do any sinful acts having belief that they might acquire sins whereby they themselves will have to bear the consequences after they die.

Our forefathers, those ancient generations were so much faithful in all the acts they did. There was no concept of any marital life. They believed that they may accumulate sins if they did such things. When I say these things, I may not be the perfect judge, yet I want to share what I feel. There were no many cases where wives and husbands got divorced. There were no many cases where children were suffered. I don’t know if the things went unturned. 

On contrary the present generation is changed. No one thinks about their own behaviors. There is no much respect and belief to our religion, culture and customs. If something suits them for time being, that is final and binding. The world has reached where people enjoy extra marital life. 

Once he is away from his wife and children, he forgets everything. He goes for study tour, further studies and other works. He is young enough to enjoy not less than his teenage enjoyment. He runs after young girls, sponsors them and even gets into the relation with her. He pretends to be unmarried and does all unexpected things to the girl. He even goes to the extent in impregnating the girl. In doing so, first thing is he spoils the life of the girl. Aims and dreams in her life are all shattered. No wonder she is no better than life in the hell.

Secondly, some men leave their wives and children and goes for the new wife. In this case, previous wife and children of that man suffer so much. Wife is very upset and she is unable to care her children. Now this is the time when children get their bitter share in their lives. They don’t get enough love and care from their parents. This is when children get involved in all mischievous behaviors. They take alcohol, drugs and even in gang fights.

When I say all about men, viewers reading this blog might think that men may be only the ones doing all those unexpected behaviors, women do it too. When they are also away from their husband and children they too think of enjoyment. They get indulged in all non sense acts which I actually don’t like to mention here. Some women go to the extent even in getting impregnated by other man. Same things as I mentioned in case of man happen. 

Boys and girls, Men and women! Those of you, who are involved in such actions, please think wisely upon the topic and have the best second thought on it. Think about your future consequences. Country of ours is Buddhist country which has strong belief in respect, care, love and sympathy. So I would like to request to think once over it and behave.


Anonymous said...

Yes, of course we can recourse the actions of those indulged marital relationships beyond their wedlock. However, we should also be able to educate the parents of especially the poor and illiterate ones that all those who come in Prado cannot guarantee their daughter's happiness. And how do you feel that you can disseminate your message to them? through blogging? by calling? :D