Whom to Blame?

I always have this question striking through my mind when some problem arise. I always think and sometimes i get myself lost in the world of thinking. Why it is happening and whom to blame for it. The issue may be as simple as it may be and as big as it could be, but i keep questioning myself. 

When the problem regarding the national priority occurs; I keep on thinking. Whom to blame: Government or Opposition? Civil Servants or private sectors? I sometimes wonder why these sorts of problems occur. But i too have a thought that the world is not free of problems or sufferings. Yet i keep on thinking why can’t we minimize it for the beneficial of all sentient beings.

When problems related to organizations, departments, institutes occur; I again suffer thinking whom to blame: Director? Manager? or Employees? All sorts of problems do arise in these platforms too. The issue may be small or big but i see something goes wrong somewhere at any fraction of time.
When problems occur related to my family; My mind still gets its chance to rotate. Whom to blame: a father? Mother? Brothers? Sisters or myself? When the problems related to myself come into play, i think back million times: am i not the one who creates all sorts of problems? Am i not the one shattering all family dreams, plans, hopes and happiness. I also keep on wondering how can i help to get it better. I sometimes worry thinking that I may hurt my family’s hopes, aspirations and dreams. When i lay down on my bed i keep on thinking am i working tightly towards meeting the wants of my family. But sometimes when misfortune happens and bad things happen i again keep on thinking the aforementioned title time and again.

When problems related to my life occur; i think millions of times. I sometimes get myself lost in the world of getting no answer. The problems related may be with my teachers, friends, neighbors and my girl friend. When unwanted circumstances occur i keep on thinking why is it happening so. I keep on asking questions to myself: Am i the one creating such problems? Am i making mistakes? Am i taking a wrong path? Or am i not understanding what they meant? At last i suffer myself without finding any answer to the above-mentioned question.

So, eventually i winded up and found a solution that problems occur now and then, only the intensity differs. Its the responsibilities of every individual to think upon own responsibilities (rights and duties). I now don’t suffer thinking about why he/she is creating such problems, instead i question myself: am i not the one here? So if the answer says no; then i keep luring myself. If someone tries to think or do bad upon me, i keep thinking its okay for me if that gives immense pleasure and happiness for them. So….BE RESPONSIBLE and MAKE OTHERS HAPPY TOO…