Democracy in Bhutan- Part IV

I am sorry if my stereotypical blog posts have made my readers bored. Actually I am forced to write till the fourth part which are dedicated for the four political parties. I am dedicating every part of the aforementioned post title for every political party of Bhutan who will be contesting in the primary round of Second Parliamentary election in Bhutan. I don't wanna be biases or inclined towards any political party being a apolitical student, so I am writing post for all of the parties differently.

This part four, which may be the last part for "Democracy in Bhutan" is dedicated to the Druk Chirwang Tshogpa. The party is also one of the new parties other than Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa who will also contest for the primary round of National Assembly election in Bhutan. 

The party believes in progress in pursuit of Unity, Prosperity and Happiness. The president of the party; Aum Lily Wangchuk says the party has 50% youth participation as their candidates in different constituencies. She also says that the party also comprises of some retired senior government officials and women. She said the members in the party have suffered and experienced all sorts of problems in lives so that they can understand the problems of people clearly.

Aum Lily in her public debates and forums says the reasons of her joining politics. She says she suffered from cancer and she was in her last breathe to leave the world. However, because of the prayers and her fortune she said she got relieved. During her bad times she said she had the strongest thought to serve the people. She said that she doesn't have any one to look after so that she will be fully dedicated in serving the people of Bhutan.

However, some sections of Bhutanese feel that it will be fearful for them to rely upon youths as their candidates who will be serving the country; if they get selected. They say DCT was hunt for their candidates and accepted whatever came their way. But when I say this I don't have any concrete proof to be proved but this is vividly what I have heard. Anyway, all the best for DCT.