What a bless in disguise!

Chopper carrying transformers
The sun has set below the mountain as usual. I came back from my class and laid down on my bed. I then opened my laptop as usual and started to surf the net as usual. I clicked on different tabs on the browser and clicked on the Kuensel website. As I go down the lines I found a post titled "Gongdue, Silambi to be lit up in July"  which really impressed me. 

I, on behalf of the people living in these two geogs would like to pay respect and thankfulness to Bhutan Power Corporations for their hard work and  dedicated benevolent service for the people of Kheng region. I understand in and out of the difficulties being faced by the people in this region without the electricity. First of all people had to spend whole of their winter timings in collecting firewood from far flung places. They had to keep piled up woods for the summer where it would be very difficult to collect in monsoon seasons. 

Secondly, it is very difficult for every family to maintain cleanliness in absence of electricity. Although people were supplied with solar facilities, the fire with the wood darkens all the utensils and the house as a whole creating so many dirt. While cooking and dealing with the fire; hands and other parts of the body get covered by dirt impacting the the health of the people. In this very remote villages with an absence of good health facilities, people get so many types of diseases. Now, with this improvement I am pretty sure that the lifestyle of people will change. 

Moreover, people can work for other developmental activities instead of wasting their time collecting firewood. They can do some purposeful works that will benefit the society as a whole. I wish I was their in my village to see all those developmental activities with my own eyes so that I may be able to contribute to my community in later years.

SO, lastly my wish here is that BPC would keep their promise to lit the homes in my community by July and the people to be happy for this developmental activity. THANKS A LOT.....