Google @ RTC

We all know what is Google. We all use this search in all cases. We use it to solve our doubts. We use it to learn what we don't know. We use it to compare with our ideas and ideologies. We use it to lend help to do our assignments and projects while in the school and college. We use it in day to day life activities. Today, we the students of Royal Thimphu College had a golden opportunity to interact and listen with ten Google volunteers from different parts of the world. 

The workshop-like session started in our college auditorium where the Dean of the College welcome the ten volunteers for their work. Then they started with their mission of coming to Bhutan and explained their mission of "Googliness". Almost all volunteers explained it in their own terms. Maximum of them said that Googliness is helping and letting others know what they know without expecting anything in return. They were happy with the packed audience in the auditorium.

A group consisted of Marketing experts, Management professionals, Software Engineers and Leadership professional. After having attended the first general session for one hour in our auditorium, we were then let to go to our classroom to listen to two of the volunteers about Google's recent developments like Google Apps, Google Docs,  Google Glass, etc..

Out of which we were so much interested to know about Google Glass. We enjoyed watching video about the Google Glass where saw a man wearing that Glass can order or command the glass and it tells everything information about distances, location of his friends, takes images, etc.

Other interesting thing was an automatic Google Car which can travel without a driver. All the audience were surprised to know that a car traveled more than 10000 Kilometers without an accident. Later after lunch we had a session on developing web in the latest technology available. We were taught to develop simple website with Ruby on Rails. Nikita, one of the volunteers and Software Engineer in the company covered the whole stack from MySQL to JQuery.

We enjoyed and learned a lot. Thumbs up to the volunteers and the RTC management for organizing such event for us.