Does the concept of Arranged marriage exist in Bhutan?

The mentality and the thinking power of the Bhutanese might have been changed when compared to our ancient forefathers.As far as I am concerned, the people of Bhutan are being plagued with the western culture and fashion emerging in the country in each and every fractions of the second.  Actually this is what I am vividly feeling and expressing, it is not to insult anyone who may be obligating with my feelings. Sometimes, I wonder myself about the ancient culture being followed in some regions of the country while all most all part of the country is being indulged into western styles.

There exists the culture of arranged marriage in some parts of the country. It is not that parents want to follow the age old traditions and culture; it is because they care their children so much that they don’t want their children to go with the wrong hands. As far as I know it is not mostly practiced by the people living in the rural areas but by the people in urban areas follow them. The love, care and empathy bestowed upon their children is immeasurable that the parents want their children to enjoy and live happily than themselves. 

There may be or may not be any advantages or disadvantages when it comes to the arranged marriage but I feel there may be more disadvantages if we think in the perspective of a child. The child may not be ready to accept the choice given by his/her parents whereby he/she may not enjoy his/her life as expected by the parents. If the parents give or suggest the right choice for the child, he or she may love, care and enjoy their marriage life. Yet, I feel it has very least probability of getting into such chances. 

If in-case the marriage is based upon the love and care of an individual child, he/she will be able to express his/her full love and care in the married life. The chance and the option for marrying is only/just once of taken seriously. But when time has changed, we tend to change our partner time and again. I believe it is better for all of us to choose the best one in the beginning itself and be with the one for our whole life. The problems of social violence, gender discrimination, divorce happen because of we don’t marry with the best choice of ours in the first instant itself. 

Therefore, it must be the highest roles and responsibilities of every parent to think wisely upon their own children. Whether the marriage may lay upon the arranged or love, the parents must respect the feelings and insight of the child. Moreover, the child himself or herself must be able to clarify and crystallize your own feelings for your parents.



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