Things happen unexpectedly.........

First of all when I write my post on aforementioned subject, I wonder that my readers may mistake it to be because of a boy_girl relationship. So before I get too late and my readers get too stimulated to think about it, let me say the answer will be a big NO.

It is always easy to lecture to someone. It is the most easiest to advise someone about something. You may or may not be expert in that particular ground. Still you can be the one to talk about that particular topic. There is no different in my case. I can also advise any group of ages of people in any grounds. I can pursue and make people believe in me. But when it comes to practice, I feel it is really difficult. When I say this, I don't mean that I am too pessimistic or too optimistic but I wanna be realistic in this issue. 

It is really difficult and challenging when the river changes its course. Its is heart aching when a bird flies away leaving the chicks all alone in the nest. Moreover, we have to bear an exhilarating pain when things happen unexpectedly. In this very juncture, it is very hard for me to express anything here in my post which goes globally in the net. Yet, I feel the need to do so, so that I think the pain of keeping my words that are competing to come out in my heart may be relieved.

I know that education is really important in life. I also very well know that nothing can suffice it. With this notion, I got an opportunity to pursue my undergraduate studies in Royal Thimphu College. Having been here for almost three years now and nearing towards my graduation, I also know the importance of my grades. As all the graduates might be knowing the tight space work in the civil service of the Royal Government of Bhutan, I also understand the unemployment rate in Bhutan.

So, with that in the cerebrum of my brain I always worked hard. I burnt my midnight candles besides the other social service works that I always had to do. Irrespective of having planned accordingly and having worked hard to achieve my personal goal of "work hard and strive to be best", nowadays all things happen unexpectedly. I cry, I yarn and sometimes even my blood try to flow out of my veins, I try to console myself. Its really tough and challenging to do so, yet there is no other way left than to just keep calm an enduring it with respect.

I sometimes feel where do things go wrong? I question myself, where did I plan wrong? But all answers were just a time-consuming; I could find answer to none of them. I lay on my bed, then think of the purpose of life. I take life to be just a body and a mind sometimes. I feel mind will leave my body one day and there is no much to worry. Moreover, life being full of ups and downs, it is pretty sure all things won't be perfect.

This post of mine is actually not intended to share what I have faced but I wanna share the message to all my readers: All are impermanent. Life is not permanent too. Do not waste your time indulging upon those impermanence. AND NOTHING IS PERFECT TOO.