A sad story of Rigden

This is the true story of my friend who studies in Sherubtse College. I share this with the prior permission from the friend of mine. He is in his final semester and same is with the girl he loves. The time went by. Three years has past within no time for Rigden, but sadly he could not express what he felt for this long years for Namgay, the girl of his choice. In his final year and specifically in his final semester, he took his chance and courage to share his feelings for her. It wasn't a good try and a good outcome irrespective of so much hope that he had from Namgay. So, my heart was heavy and my eyes were filled with tear when Rigden shared his story to me with so much courage and respect. So, I would like to share this true and heart touching story for all of my readers.
Some say life is bed of roses. Others say life is what you make out of it. Many say life is a stage in a cycle of karma. But for a poor guy, Rigden he could not say anything of its kind for his own life. He sometimes defines life to be tragic, sometimes agony, sometimes fun, sometimes undefinable existence in this world of everything. He sad so much hope from Namgay. He spent almost all fractions of second in his college days thinking of her. No matter what it was himself who had to bear an agonizing pain for so long. He blames no one but himself for not being able to express what he felt.

Towards the end of his college life, he felt that was only the chance in his life to express himself to her. He felt it's just and exhilarating parasite of pain that he may have to bear his whole life if he is unable to tell Namgay. Facebook was only the mode of communication for them. He had her number but his hesitation was huge that he refused to do so. Nevertheless, he expressed his feelings to her through the chats in Facebook. When I asked about how they were into friend list through Facebook, my poor friend in laughter said that he could vividly remember how did it happened. 

"For the first few chats, it was normal. I expressed but she just took it into a joke. But later days were not very good response", my friend explained me with a soft tone. He said that he could not believe her when she that she has to follow an age-old culture and tradition of so called "Arranged Marriage". He said "she was good enough if she would have told truth for me, she said she doesn't want to flirt with me and hurt me later when eventually she has to follow advise of her parents." I myself could not bear the pain of my friend yet, I tried to console him in all my possible ways.

Then he shares all his secrets to me. He said he still feels bad on himself when he shared his conversation through chats in Facebook: "It’s true that I am unable to help you like other boys would do for their loved ones. It’s true that am from a very low background. It’s true that I am not a good looking man either. Sometimes late on my bed I always wish myself to have the above qualities. Actually I too have a mind to be good, to make you happy and help you in all possible ways. What to do my dear, my wish is always unfulfilled as I could do nothing to make you believe that I am a true man in your life. 

My wish as you know was to die in your arms gazing to your eyes but it is not fulfilled. No matter, live your life happily and meaningfully. I pray for your happiness only.

I could share no more as I get more emotional and sentimental as I express. Think wisely but my last wish for you now is to be happy and be a good human being."  He explained me that even Namgay could not take such words and for she cried. Later Rigden called her but it was in her sad tone she talked to him. He apologized her for expressing what he felt for her and he promised not to do so. He promised to keep his secrets all in himself whether an exhilarating pain erodes his heart or not. 

Lastly, he told me "Be careful friend. Life is short but it becomes so long if it turn the way like it did in mine."



Sherub Pelmo said...

Loved this piece (the first one that I read from your blog, I am sure the rest are as awesome as this is). Love indeed is a blessing and a curse depending on what comes out of it eventually. Someone is out there for your friend. Hoping he finds her soon :)


Thank you Sherab for spending sometime reading my blog....And I fully agree upon what you say.....Thanks..........