IT Graduates being left unattended

The very topic of mine may seem really unrealistic for the ones who are not in the IT field. It may also seem pessimistic for the ones who are already employed in IT sector of the country. Nevertheless, I being a recent and unemployed IT graduate for a month would like to share my experiences and feelings after my life in the world of job market. 

Life was full of works, full of enjoyments, exhilarating fun while in the college. All the students while in the college are much excited to get out of the college and experience the actual way of life. But in reality life is never easy. It is totally different from what we feel while in the college. Every second, every minute seem really long. Life as a jobless man, lingering from place to place, flipping every vacancy corner of each and every news paper in the country is like a life in a hell. However, most of the graduates including myself have much hope and expectations bestowed upon the Royal Civil Service Commission to announce the available vacancies.

However, as soon as it has been declared, I got stroke. I was shocked to see that in my course, there was just one vacancy, where I am pretty sure that hundreds of graduates will be competing. When I say this, it doesn't mean that I am not confident to face the competitive scenario in the job market in the country, yet I am little saddened to know that IT graduates are left out irrespective of the large requirement in the civil servant.

Moreover, the government says job seekers not to differentiate between government jobs and the private ones. I find some errors in saying this. This is not to blame Royal Government of Bhutan but I vividly feel it. Job seekers don't prefer in private sectors not because of the work load but because of the benefits and allowances. Private sectors in Bhutan id not developed and there can be a good number of comparisons that can be made between the two.

Nevertheless, I feel that the government and the related organizations and agencies must look closely upon the youths. I say not to directly employ them, but I want to urge the government to at least create opportunities according to the need of the nation. Moreover ministries and the government agencies announce vacancies later than the Bhutan Civil Service Examination. With this regard, it is really disadvantaged for the ones who are not qualified from the BCSE. I feel every ministries and other government agencies should work thoroughly to know the need of human resource so that all graduates working in civil service can be in the same grade. I say this because whether you are selected through RCSC examination or open competition we have to do the same work and the same work load.

Hope government will take my suggestions into considerations. And I would appreciate so many suggestions too from my readers.