Life in and after the college

It was always full of fun. Life was full of joys. Sometimes life seemed to be full of hardships, agonies, pains during my three years of stay in Royal Thimphu College. I always had a desire to write about this aforementioned topic, yet due to the lack of internet facilities I was unable to post it on my blog. While in the college it was always a fun when a lecturer was absent for a class, it was full of joy when we had a time to chat and play games in the computer labs. On the other hand I always loved to engage myself in social service-related works. 

During my stay in the college I volunteered to work as a Teaching Assistant. I taught my friends in second year. I was there to discuss the PHP class with them. It gave me immense experience and learned a lot from them.

On the other hand I also volunteered to teach and organize RCSC preparatory classes for the ones aspiring to appear the Bhutan Civil Service Preliminary Examinations. I learned so much from the RCSC course. With that experience and practice i could crack the preliminary exam with ease. In this regard I have so much hope and expectations that my friends those who attended the classes have done well cracked the prelims with ease.

I also worked as the Residence Assistant. I was selected to be a student leader for Tsenden Residence of the college. I had an opportunity to work closely with the student body and the management of the college. I got so many experiences being the Residence Assistant. 

Now it has been almost two months that I walked through the beautiful stage of Royal Thimphu College and graduated on 4th July, 2013. Life seems to be tough and challenging after the college. I have to compete with so many other graduates in this tight and competitive job market. Yet I try myself to compete with anyone with my strong courage. I work very hard to cross anything that comes my way. I make sure not to fail in any grounds. Be it in any written exams or interviews I make sure to impress the employers, even if I am not selected. I compete in any fields in which some posts may not be relevant to my degree. 

I work hard keeping in my that I have to keep and upgrade the name and fame of my college that gave me a degree. I wanna create better opportunities for my future colleagues. When I say these things, I am not here to boost myself but I wanna encourage my friends to work hard and compete with other graduates.



Langa Tenzin said...

Nice post. Congratulations on completion of college and all the best for the future. :) Keep writing.

Tandey Ouangchoo said...

Good going. I know you will do great in the career you make for yourself. All the best..


Thanks for your kind and good words. Kadrenche


Thank you Tandey..... And immensely happy that you have faith in me..........