Tribute to my College | Royal Thimphu College

My post here may seem more or less to boast my experiences gained in my stay at Royal Thimphu College, the first and only private college in Bhutan. First of all, before my readers start reading this post let me clarify in its first instant that this post is the tribute and the respect that I would like to pay to my college, the management of the college and the faculties there in the college. Moreover, I would not forget my colleagues who were vital and extremely involved with me in providing such spaces for my improvements.

It was on 5th August, 2010 when I was admitted to Royal Thimphu College after I was awarded a scholarship by Department of Adult and Higher Education under the In-Country Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme (ICUGS). It was a new world for me then comparing to the very remote places I have dwelled in the east before. Moreover it was an exciting experience to meet with wide range of friends from all walks of life. 

In case of mine, college life was always a time for new and exciting experiences as well as a time to explore diverse and innovative ideas. I am actually grateful for the Royal Government of Bhutan for this initiative. Nevertheless on my behalf I took this opportunity to enhance my education and moreover a lifelong experiences. I constantly strived for excellence and I was committed to making my time as an undergraduate as productive and beneficial as possible. 

Attending Royal Thimphu College always liberated me and allowed me to not only explore a wider array of subjects, but also explore myself. I will now be able to apply my new-found knowledge to my entire life. The first semester in the college was no different than my high schooling days. I could make not much difference in my life. It was just listening lectures from the lecturers, doing assignments as assigned. 

But it is a different story in the next semesters then. I participated in all the events that took place in the college. I participated in most of the voluntary and social service activities. I was also an active member for the RTC Math Club for two semesters and have been the Club Coordinator for three semesters then. I have also organized three Inter Program Math Quiz Competitions which was loved and appreciated by most of the RTC family.

Out of eight hundred or more students, I was only the one to organize RCSC Preparatory Classes. I organized the class for three semesters. With the help of some of my lecturers, I helped those students who were interested in appearing the Bhutan Civil Service Examination. The unique and outstanding volunteerism of mine was appreciated by the management of the college and the students who attended the session. 

In my final year, I was also a Teaching Assistant. I volunteered to work in RTC Learning Resource Center. I taught some programming languages to second year BCA students. In the centre, I was there to help the IT students solve their problems related to the course. I was fortunate to be in that centre as I have learnt so much from the students that I have tutored. 

Moreover, during my final year in the college, I got selected as the Residence Assistant. As a Residence Assistant, my work was to create a positive environment by fostering a sense of community within the residence halls, by providing help and assistance to students, and by working with students and staff to ensure the best possible operation of the residence halls. We were considered as valuable members of the college whose work helped to develop a residential environment conducive to RTC students’ academic and personal growth. Therefore, the college is proud for us who enabled it to provide its student with residential services and facilities of the college to the fullest. 

In terms of my primary duty as a scholarship, I demonstrated excellently in my studies in all semesters. It can be authenticated by different levels of certificates that I have secured in Dean’s List and the Director’s List for every semester which were awarded in recognition of excellent academic achievement.

Strengths that I have gained after being in the college are exemplary leadership and social skills. These experiences will now train me to unearth creative solutions to challenges, organize my experiences in the community for the purposes of both. Now as I go on with the actual way of life ahead, I hope to become an instrumental member of society, using all of my energies to bring about constructive change and create a path to the “good life,” not only for myself but also for others.  

Thanks for Department of Adult and Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Royal Government of Bhutan for offering scholarship for me. 


Tshewang Dorji said...

wow!...hope you will continue doiing the same in your life too implementing all you have learned during college of Luck!..

Sonam Rigsel Dorji said...

Thanks bro for your encouragements. I too hope and will strive to do it as suggested la. Kadrenche bro........