Simply Update in my Life Stage

It has been almost seven months after I have walked through the beautiful stage of Royal Thimphu College and received my graduation certificate from Hon'ble Chief Justice of Bhutan, Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye. I have experienced almost each and every pieces after my college life. I have known about the actual challenges that the job seekers have to face once graduated. I have experienced the pain and patience that every job seeker has to endure after graduation.

Nevertheless, I feel myself to be fortunate that I could experience each and every thing that came along my way. I have applied in every vacancy that has suited my qualification. I have sat for job examinations and job interviews. Those experiences were so critical and valuable for me as they gave me so much of life-related valuable experiences. I have challenged each and every obstacle that came my way. I have sat for Royal Civil Service Examination. I sat for the PGDPA examination category. I wondered each day and night after I appeared examination and until result was declared. Thank God!, At last I got call from one of my friends saying that I got through. My tensions and wonders were all vanished then. I thanked my God which helped me in each and every step to climb that came my way.

During Meet the People Program
After that I thought that I must be prepared to serve my country with utmost dedication and loyalty. I thought I must gain as much experiences as I could before I become a civil servant of the government. Then, I applied for an intern in the Cabinet Secretariat. I got an opportunity to work with the government's highest and the senior most officials. It has been almost two months now that I have been  working in the secretariat. I got an opportunity to attend twelfth Round Table Meeting. I have attended Meet the Press Program. I was present every Saturday with Hon'ble Ministers and Hon'ble Prime Minister for Meet the People Program. I have understood some of the grievances of the people of Bhutan. 

I would never forget to thank the Director of the Cabinet Secretariat, Dr. Phuntsho Namgyal, Head of the Grievance Cell, Mr. Sonam Tobgay and the Administrative Officer, Mr. Tshering Dendup for giving me wonderful opportunity to work and they have given me bags and bags of experiences which will help me in near future. I have to soon join Royal Institute of Management for my training, nevertheless I hope to join the office once I graduate from RIM.