My blog nominated for Liebster Blog Award

First of all I would like to thank Mr Sangay Cholden for nominating me for this prestigious award in the world of blogging. It gave me immense pleasure and encouragements to write and express my self. Although I have spend some good amount of time in this field of blogging, I feel this is the first time that my blog has been nominated for such award and it gave me good amount of encouragements to write more. So, my words here may not be able to express my thankfulness to Sangay Cholden, yet I have much more respect inside my heart for you for nominating my blog for such award. It is indeed very much fun for me to answer questions that he has laid down for me.

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Q. Describe your blog in 3 words.
  • My Expressions - My blog serves as a platform to express my feelings, opinions, stories and suggestions sometimes.
  • Life long diary - I write because I wanna express what I feel so that one day when I am old I will browse my page and reflect my memoirs.
  • Notebook - I say my blog to be a notebook as I write and jot down what I feel. Moreover, this blog serves as a platform for my improvements.
Q. Describe yourself in 3 words. 
  • Ambitious - I always strive for the best for the goals I set for myself and it doesn't matter the kind of work or assignments assigned for me, I am always ambitious about myself and others too.
  •  Loyal - I always try myself to be loyal to everyone. I try to be loyal to every work that is assigned for me. Moreover, I know that Royal Government of Bhutan has spent so much for my education and I always strive myself to be loyal to the Tsa Wa Sum.
  • Adjustable - I say this because I am adjustable in any kind of situations that comes on my way. Or on the other hand I can adjust with any environment and friends. 
Q. Who, what, and/or where does your blogging inspiration come from? 
I have been blogging since my college days and I feel the inspiration mainly came from my friend who is the constant and inspirational Blogger- Sherab Tenzin  who currently works as a Accounts Officer in Bhutan Telecom Ltd. He is the one who encourages and inspires me to write something and let the other bloggers in the blogging world read. My interest lies in the vast diversified field and writing has always been one of my interests since my childhood days. I also got inspired once I have learned that I can express myself and write online.

Q. What kind of blogs do you like to read and follow?
It is indeed my interest and pleasure to read the youth issues-related blogs the most. However, my interest is not just confined for that, I also read blogs of some of the popular bloggers. I also love to read blogs that give me and encouragements and inspirations for my day to day activities. So accordingly I follow blogs that more or less contain some of the ingredients I have stated above.  
Q. What time of day do you write the best content for your blog?
Well, I mostly get time to write the contents of my blog during evening only; as I am engaged in some other works during other times of the day. So, I am actually not in the position to answer this question. However, I find not much difference in writing the contents in different times of the day rather it may depend upon my mood or my work load when I write the contents.
Q. What is your favorite social media? 
Myself being a IT guy, I am engaged in all most all the social media sites and I find all of them to be the same. However, I spend most of the time in blogging - updating my blog contents and reading other blogs.

My Nominees for this prestigious award are:

Its is indeed my pleasure to list some of the questions for my nominees for the award to answer. Hope my questions may give some interesting desire and interest for my nominees and readers to read. With utmost respect and trust from my side for my nominees to answer my questions, I list some of the questions below:
  1. Briefly describe yourself in just a paragraph.
  2. Describe your blog in just three words.
  3. Why should others follow your blog? Explain your areas of attraction.
  4. Why do you blog?
  5. What kind of blog do you like to read and follow and why?
  6. List your top three rated blogs.
  7. Create new list of queries for bloggers to answer.
  8. Some inspirational words or advices for young bloggers.
  9. Some constructive words for my improvement


Tashi Gyalmo said...

Thank you Sonam for nominating my blog. Well, this is the second time i got this award. Most of the questions that you have framed have I already furnished in my first award. So will that suffice or I will have to rewrite it again. I will do as you suggest, a credit for nominating my blog.


I would love to read your replies as per the questions I have framed for my nominees. However, it may also suffice if you don't have much time to write......Moreover, its my pleasure for nominating your blog for the award and I believe you truly deserve that...........All the best

Sangay Cholden said...

nice to read your answers and thank you for nominating back for the same ; happy blogging

Sherab Tenzin said...

Thank you Sonam for nominating my blog. I am aspired. But I wonder how prompt I can answer your questions. You just know why I am saying this..:p. Anyway thanks for the nomination. Keep blogging..


Dear my friend Sherab.....I know you are extremely busy these days.....Hope you will respond sometime when you are free..........

Sonam Tenzin said...

I am extremely sorry Sonam. I could make to read your post today only. Pardon me. But I assure you that I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. Thank you for nominating me. :-)

Keep blogging.

Sonam Tenzin said...
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