True Gross National Happiness

Bhutan has its name and fame for the profound philosophy of Gross National Happiness. The concept is being coined by our fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuk. Needless to say much on the aforementioned title; most of the people know about it. However, my post here is about some people whom I feel are really enjoying happiness in their lives.

Ap Sherab - He is working as a guard in one of the residences in Thimphu. I have seen and met him during one of Dawa Dangpai Losar (Bhutanese New Year Day) at Langjophakha. I was surprised to see him dancing ( mask dance) in front of the restaurant. I was silent for first few minutes and keep watching him dance. Later I was really eager to know the very reason for him to dance in such occasion. Then, I went inside the restaurant and inquired the owner. I was surprised and shocked to learn that he dances just for the fun and for the others to enjoy through his dance. He was totally tired, yet he resumes his dance when he sees people staring at him in that dancing attire. He really enjoys his life. He dances time to time when he gets free time and when he find s some group of people. People plying along the way to Taba or town spend sometime to watch him and slowly leave the scene with laughter and happiness. 

I write below about young children as I feel that they are very happy in their life.  Moreover, they give me immense pleasure when I get time to spend time with them. 

Khamsum - He is just four years old. I was overwhelmed when I saw him for the first time. The true happiness of this can be found from the cute smile that he gives when we try to interact with him. Moreover, I was surprised when I saw his hair style. The color of his hair (brown) was very interesting and it really suites a kid like him. When I called him for a pose, I was happy that he gave me such a pose like the modern and stylish boy. He always laughs and smiles; I find him enjoying his life with full happiness. 

Sonam Zangmo (Baby) - She is six years old. She studies in class I in Jigme Losel Primary School. She is youngest of six siblings in her family. Although she is a youngest in her family, she doesn't take much advantage of it. She knows much more about her life than what a kid like her is expected to know. She knows that she is a girl and maintains herself at this stage also. After interacting much with her, I came to know that she understands feelings of all people in her family and she tries to avoid unnecessary words. She feels that her word(s) may result into problems between her parents and siblings. Moreover, she has a good habit of sharing things to eat with others. Be it a piece of chocolate or a big biscuit, she shares it to others with smile on he face. When she gets free time, she plays with some selective friends - friends of her age that are joyful, good and clean. 

Dokdo - I always enjoy dealing with every section of people. Moreover, I fully enjoy with small kids. Small kids give me so much of inspiration, joy and pleasure. He is just three years old and it was tough time for me to get a snap of him. In his world he finds everything to be the same. Irrespective of the gender, he loves to be happy and enjoy with others. The most craziest thing he does is that he sings modern Bhutanese songs. He sings Uppa Jaggy style (adapted from Gangnam Style). Moreover, he is fond of dancing in accordance to some rock Bhutanese songs. 

I would not forget to thank all my above listed friends who have made my moment of life enjoyable and gave me so much of inspirations and lessons to learn.


Sherab Tenzin said...

This is interesting. I have seen that chic Khamsum. He's interesting yet innocent kid. Keep blogging, my friend!


Thanks Sherab for encouraging me in every step that I take........

Rima Reyka said...

Thanks for sharing their happiness with us Sonam :) Keep writing!