I am back........

I could vividly remember the day I have last posted. I know I have never lost interest to keep working in the blogging world. However, the circumstances had kept me dame busy for the days and months that I had to give much importance to my training while pursuing my Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration in Royal Institute of Management.
The friend of mine Sherab Tenzin always had a time to encourage me to blog and make some changes with regards to my post. He was the one to constantly keep pushing me to resume blogging. I always loved to write my expressions and my experiences and I would take this opportunity to thank my dear friend for your encouragements and supports whenever and wherever possible

Most importantly, I would extend my sincere apology for my readers and followers for not being able to update my blog for so long. New year, 2015 has crippled with much hope and aspirations for me to update and share my stories for my readers and followers. I also feel that I may be able to share some of my research works

The days in my office may seem busy which may restrict me to update my post. I know and always reflect back to the Oath taking that I took to serve my King, country and People with full loyalty and dedication. As one of the civil servants in the country, I am obliged to provide the best public service. Nevertheless, I will find my own time to update my blog which will also help me in one way or the other to grow intellectually.

I personally and wholeheartedly wish all my bloggers a HAPPY BLOGGING and to fully enjoy in the world of blogging. Moreover, I would not forget to thank my followers and readers for sparing your precious time to read my posts. I would like to sincere pledge to keep updating my blog hereafter and have full hope that it will give some time pass for all of you.


sancha rai said...

Welcome back and same for me ...thanks