10th RUB Convocation Day

25th February, 2015 will be one of the most unforgettable days for thousands of young and energetic graduates gathered for the 10th RUB Convocation Ceremony in the Royal Thimphu College ground. The day was a rejoice for thousands of graduates graduated from 10 RUB colleges and one RUB affiliated college. For most graduates from 10 RUB colleges, they had a very good opportunity to visit the Royal Thimphu College and for the Royal Thimphu College graduates, it was a good comeback gathering to have a good flashbacks of their stay in the college.

Courtesy : Kuenselonline
His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen graced the occasion. Speaking to the thousands of graduates in the gathering, His Majesty the King congratulated graduates for successfully completing their graduation. However, His Majesty told the gathering that Graduation is not the end of the education journey but just the beginning. His Majesty narrated his story that was being told by him to the young students. He told about the process and ingredients required to prepare Kewa Datsi (Potato curry with cheese). He told the gathering that young students know very well the ingredients required for preparing curry and the procedure for preparing it. He said that although he was glad that young and little students are very much knowledgeable in such works, he was later sad to know the moral of the story misunderstood by the students. He told the gathering that students have understood the speech of the King was about how to make Kewa Datsi. Later the King warned the gathering that those young students have got time to learn and understand things, however in the case of the graduates, that must not be the case. He said that graduates must be able to understand and analyse things better than anyone else.

His Majesty also shared the graduates the three things to remember. He told the importance of our unique culture and traditions. He urged the graduates to protect preserve the unique identity of the country. He also told that the capabilities of the younger generations will invariably decide the future of the country. The most unforgettable that I could remember and which instantly triggers my mind is, He reminded that we are trying to survive in the 21st century when the world around us is rapidly changing. He said that there is no time to waste. His Majesty also urge the graduates to work hard with our full potential to survive in the 21st century to hand over our country better to our next generations.

The day was very memorable for all the people gathered as we had an opportunity to receive the certificates from His Majesty the King and to have photographs with their Majesties. The day ended with Tashi Lebey (Ceremony ending song). The graduates later in the afternoon drove back to their homes happily with their graduation certificates in their hands


Sangay Cholden said...

It was good to have met and talked with you and Sherab Sir~ See you again~


It was indeed our greatest pleasure to meet you too la Sir. I too have much hope to meet you again.