Is tuition really needed for students?

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The aforementioned title is really a debatable issue and an issue that really needs an attention from the concerned authorities. I have been thinking and analyzing about the issue for so long. I could find both advantages and disadvantages from such practice. The society will be divided into sections who feel the good and bad about the issue. Nevertheless, this type of trend has become really rampant in Thimphu city.

Tuition is a good practice to guide the students to sharpen their saw, so that they can brighten their future.  However, I feel that the trend is decreasing the quality of education in the schools other than the benefits gained from tuition. Recently, I met with some students who were going for their tuition classes. I always had keen interest to interact with the young friends, so I asked them the reasons for going for tuition classes.

Half of the group argued me that; they are going for tuition classes because of the influence of their parents and relatives. The parents and the relatives of the student wanted the student to perform better in their studies whereby he/she can lead a better their lives better. In this case, I have no any arguments as I feel that parents care and love their students. No matter what the student feels, he/she will be able to grasp something.

However, another half told me that; they have no any other option as they will be equally competing with thousands of students in the country. They said that their teachers don't teach them well in the classes. They said their teachers are taking the tuition classes whereby they teach extremely well. I was shocked to learn these things from the students. However, this is not to insult and go against the teachers who are taking tuition classes and helping the students.

I was worried and had to think about the issue. I also discussed with my friends with the issue. My friends were surprised too about the issue and the trends of tuition in the country. They said me that the tuition has been banned in the country. However, the tuition business has been operating in the country for years. If the latter  is true and the truth lies in the comments of the students I met, I feel that the issue must be given attention. It is wrong on my part to base my understanding of the issue on the few groups of students I met. Nevertheless, I feel its the issue that must be given better attention than at present.

If the truth of such tuition practices lies in the say of my second group of students I feel there is strong and urgent need to be looked upon by the Ministry of Education and the concerned authorities. The Ministry must either ban the tuition classes or concentrate on the quality of education in the class room itself. In the other sense the teacher who takes the class of that particular student in the day time must not take tuition for that student in the evening. The other option may be to ban the tuition classes for the teachers and if need be let others who have the potential to guide take the chance. In this manner, I feel that the market will not get distorted. In the current trend of such practice, the families who could afford may not feel any pinch; however the poorer sections find very difficult and  challenging to meet the expectations of their students.

The post here as I said earlier is what I vividly feel and got some information from my young friend who go to the tuition classes. the post is not meant to complain anyone.


sancha rai said...

What i know little about bhutanse is -they are carried away by western culture, thoughts and every action without looking deeper pros and corns of it. Anyway its well written. la