Tibetan Book of the Dead

I have not been able to read books especially novels in my entire life. I have read just two novels successfully - Dawa koto in class nine and the Life of Lious Lowry (Jonas) in class ten. Sometimes I feel ashamed to say that I just have read two novels in my entire journey of academics. However, I can proudly raise my voice as I have read several non-fictions books like - motivation books, leadership books, management books and religious books which I felt are more important to curve our live in a better way. Nevertheless, I am happy that I got a aforementioned titled book for me to read. I know it will take me several days to complete before I could write a review about it, I am very eager to read a book of such kind being a Buddhist.

Before going through a single page of a book, I was eager to know few details about it whereby I browsed some information in the Youtube. I found some visual reviews about the book. I have thoroughly watched it and got really motivated and inspired to read the full details of the book. I could little understand that the book is more or less about the direction or way it will show us to our soul after our death. The Tibetan word for it can be Bardo Thoedroel which literally means Liberation on Hearing in the intermediate state. I have also learnt that it will be very much academic writing that the book will guide us in our after life.

It might be very challenging for me to really understand the true depth of the book, however I will put my true hard work and sincerity to read it until I could discover some facts and information related to after life. It may also help me to understand the concept of reincarnations and the beliefs of Bardo (intermediate state). 

I have seen and learned that there are several editions and volumes regarding the aforementioned book. I am reading one authored by Donald S. Lopez, Jr. I would urge all of my readers and friends to read the book as well. I would be happy to share my review of the book ones I complete reading it.  


Sherab Tenzin Dorji said...

And then the novel in class ten is THE GIVER. You have got its title wrong. Anyway, now hope you will read more as your work nature demands it. So keep reading more books bro.