My Journey towards Independence

Life is not always easy. It is covered with enjoyments, challenges, hardships, etc. Nevertheless, I always had determination to face anything that comes along the journey of my life. I conquered every little challenges that obstructed my way. I have learned to be independent in terms of my stay away from my parents and relatives since my primary school days. I had to learn every nitty-gritty things required in a boarding school. Everyday was a new challenge for me to work without the help of my parents and siblings.

Being from a very remote place and from a economically disadvantaged family backgrounds, I had to work in some temporary jobs during my vacations. The works included ground cutting in the schools, working in construction sites, village household works which would hardly fetch an amount of Nu. 100 a day. I had to strive to become independent in terms of financial requirements for my schooling days. However, my results were worth struggling as I had always performed the best in my studies.

During the stay in my college days, I have many more things that I have learned towards the journey of independence. The public relations with the people, the self-leadership, managerial management, self motivation, problem solving skills and time management are some of the examples that are included in the list. These are very important in my life they liberated towards becoming independent in my life.

The more challenging task came towards becoming independence. I have got a placement as one of the civil servants in the Royal Government of Bhutan. I have the most important and urgent task set before me to serve my King, country and people. I am destined to serve my country with true loyalty and dedication.

However, to serve my country with my full potential, it's very important for me to become myself independent. I have officially wedded on the  3rd April, 2014. I have acquired MC (Marriage Certificate) from Thimphu District court. Till then I have become mentally and biologically independent. Then my urge to stay independently in separate apartment was my hope. Finally I have got new apartment and have become a new tenant following the most debated Tenancy Act of the country. However, acquiring a new apartment and getting into a new home is not an easy thing. I had to pay two months advance which amounted to my monthly salary. Buying even small requirements for a new home was too tough. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed the hardships that came along the journey of my life in pursuing my independence. I have now become more or less able to stay on my own and I now hope to help my parents and siblings who have also suffered equally in the course of my journey. I would also not to forget to be in touch with my friends who have also helped in every need.