Why Royal Thimphu College?

We all know that Royal Thimphu College is the only one and the first private college in the land of thunder dragon. Nevertheless, I find there are so much to be learned from the young emerging college which strives in inspiring the education in the country. Moreover it always works inclined with its its vision i.e “Royal Thimphu College seeks to become an institution of academic excellence that sets inspiring standards for education by challenging its students to achieve their full potential and to become independent life-long learners who are well-rounded, responsible citizens.” which is the most inspiring vision for its students, faculties and the management.

For me, I had got an opportunity to go to Sherabtse College (Government College located at Kanglung in Trashigang) for my higher studies. In the meantime there was an scholarship announcement for 20 students in RTC. I was then on the fence; Sherabtse or RTC? Government College or Private College? Thimphu or Trashigang? East or West? Then I called my Advisor Mr. Shankar Lal Dahal (Principal of my previous school). He said ” you can join any college you love to join, ultimately if you do well, that’s it.” So, after discussing with my families I planned to join Royal Thimphu College. I went to put my application in the Department of Adult and Higher Education, Ministry of Education. Later we were all called for interview. After that we were selected.

Then August 5, 2010 we joined the first day in the college. Then the beauty and the quality of college started to bestow upon u. We had three days Orientation on college life, rules and regulations, facilities and many more. During the night there were always film screening, cultural live shows whereby we felt as if like in our own homes. Then August 8, 2010 started the first class of my higher education. All lecturers were highly qualified, moreover all of them were enthusiast and love their teaching profession. All professors were experienced who were the lecturers in Sherabtse College for almost not less than 8 years. Some of them were from India, USA and other parts of world who were too professionals and experts in teaching profession.


Moreover the infrastructure of the college and the facilities provided were more than expected when compared to any colleges in the country. There is nicely furnished residence rooms, toilets and bathroom. The presence of geysers in toilets and Television in every common room is all residence halls is the most remarkable facilities that all residence students enjoy. The canteen and the mini-mart also provides all necessary food items to eat and required stationery for the students.
Academic Block

The big and spacious MPH which is used as the basketball court, volleyball court and badminton court is also the best one in the country. The college has also got one of the biggest auditoriums in the country which can accommodate all its students in it.

For more information visit : http://www.rtc.bt/facilities.php


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